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5 On-The-Day Event Nightmares – and How to Prepare for Them

You’ve spent months preparing for this big event, and finally, the day has come. The schedules are locked in, suppliers are on hand and the waiters are greeting the arriving guests with welcome drinks on the terrace. Finally, after weeks of final touches, you feel like you can relax. But just before you take your celebratory sip of champagne, that’s when you feel it – the first drop of rain. Then another . . . and another. You watch your guests dart around, looking for shelter and then it dawns on you that your naive faith in the British summer has meant that the only actual shelter you’ve organised at this party is the row of portaloos at the end of the garden . . .
A washout at an ill-prepared event is nothing short of a party nightmare. Save yourself an on-the-day catastrophe and embrace the motto of ‘hope for the best; prepare for the worst’. We’ve pulled together some tips to save you from a total eye-twitching, hair-pulling break down on the big day.
Here are five of the most common on-the-day event nightmares – and tips for how you can prepare for them:
  • How to Prepare for Adverse Weather at Your Event
We don’t like to think of an indoor option for an outdoor event as a ‘Plan B’. To avoid stress and disappointment around the weather on your big day, get creative about your indoor option and incorporate it into your best-case weather plan. Don’t spend your budget on an unsightly marquee that you’ll only reluctantly whip out should the weather turn. Choose a beautiful, well-designed structure that you combine with your outdoor setting. Experts like Tentickle Stretch Tents know exactly how to use marquees and structures to take your event to the next level. Bringing on these experts means that they can advise you technicalities like the placement of trackways, loos, skips, generators and all of those technical, less glamorous parts of your event that you’ll want to keep out of sight.
For those that want an even more seamless divide between the ‘indoor’ and outdoor, why not opt for stretch tents for sale? These are a brilliant option no matter the weather, as Tentickle’s stretch tents for sale or rent are waterproof, amongst other great features.
When it comes to wet weather, it’s just as important to think of what’s beneath your guests as what’s above them. If the terrain turns muddy, your guests will be squelching through the party if you aren’t prepared! Avoid stuck heels and muddy footprints by creating beautiful pathways along guest routes and hard, carpeted flooring with the structure .
TIP: If you have an indoor and outdoor venue at your event, make sure that your photographer is aware of this as they may need to prepare with additional lighting and kit depending on your setting!
  • How to Prepare for Party Crashers
One of the most awkward and uncomfortable on-the-day event emergencies, party crashers are no fun to deal with, especially if you’re not one for confrontation. If you’re throwing a big party – especially if its a wedding (cue Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn from comedy classic Wedding Crashers) – the last thing you want is to be figuring how to escort uninvited guests out of your party without causing a scene. If you think there’s a likelihood of this happening, do what you can to prevent it. Position a host or hostess at the entrance of the event to cross-check attendees with your guest list (preferably a digital, searchable one)– for large-scale events, to be extra safe, you can even request that guests show their ID. If appropriate, there’s also no harm in bringing in some muscle and hiring a security guard or two. Their presence alone will be a deterrent to anyone trying to sneak in and they will be able to expertly escort anyone that’s not meant to be there off the premises without causing a scene.
  • How to Prepare for Last Minute Drop Outs
So you’ve got a plan to handle any unexpected guests but what happens if guests who RSVPd to your invitations drop out last minute? No-show guests can be a real nightmare for any event with a sit-down meal. Give yourself some flexibility by using beautifully designed placement and escort cards that can easily be swapped around instead of a table seating board. Not only does this avoid the awkward bottleneck effect of guests crowding around a board struggling to decipher who sits where, but they are an opportunity to show off some personal style with hand calligraphy (Liv’s Letters) or a beautiful object (check out ERA Calligraphy). You can also have some fun with how you present the cards to your guests such as hanging them from a tree or mobile.
  • How to Prepare for A Loss of Power
A simple but important tip for anyone throwing a party that relies on a lot of lights, sound systems and production in general – organise a backup generator and make sure you have a decent production company that understands power distribution)!
  • How to Prepare for Little Tag-Alongs
These are the kind of uninvited guests that you’re not going to be able to call security on! If a large number of the guests on your attendee list have children, you might want to consider arranging for childcare at your event. Unless you put a clear message on your invitation that you won’t be accommodating kids (which may mean that some of your guests won’t be able to make it), it is a good idea to embrace the idea of children attending your party and prepare for it. Services like Safe and Sound Events know exactly how to keep little ones entertained (and toddler tantrums to a minimum!), leaving the adults to enjoy the party.

When it comes to preparing for the worst, it’s important to remember that the more experienced and professional your suppliers are, the fewer the chances of things going wrong. They are experts at what they do and know how to handle anything and everything that comes their way! Make sure to use tried and tested teams to safeguard your party against any catastrophic on-the-day nightmares.

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Stretch tents are a fabulous option if you’re planning a marquee wedding. There’s just something super romantic and ethereal about a stretch tent.
Tentickle Stretch Tents can provide the perfect solution for couples looking to create a magical event, whether it is just for the ceremony itself or for the reception afterwards. Bold in their design, yet supremely practical stretch tents can be constructed to fit in and around almost any environment seamlessly, even on terrain where you may struggle to fit a traditional marquee.
Crisp white or classic cream stretch tents are perfect for weddings. With so many options in terms of the structure itself and of course, the internal decorations and dressing, stretch tents look equally amazing if your style is casual and fun, or if you’re planning something altogether more classic and sophisticated.
Stretch tents are becoming more and more popular choices for venues bars at festivals because they’re just so versatile.


How can couples judge if a company is the right fit for their wedding?

If you like the tone or vibe you get from a stretch tent hire company and you trust them then go for it. Of course look at pictures / videos etc but I think number one you want someone who’s not going to cause headaches and stress!
You can also use rent stretch tents to do corporate and sporting events all over the world for companies like Heineken, Fever-Tree, University College London.
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WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE A STRETCH TENT FOR YOUR SUFFOLK WEDDING1. It’s easier to budgetOne of the biggest benefits of hiring a stretch tent is that, unlike with hotel venues and country homes, you are not tied to using any particular suppliers, for food...

It’s easier to budgetOne of the biggest benefits of hiring a stretch tent is that, unlike with hotel venues and country homes, you are not tied to using any particular suppliers, for food or otherwise. This means it’s easier to manage your budget because it gives you the freedom to choose caterers and other services that fit within your budget.

Play with a blank canvasA stretch tent is effectively a blank canvas to be decorated any way you like. Once the outer shell of the stretch tent is erected, you can choose from different linings, different flooring solutions, a range of lighting options and when it comes to furniture and decor, you’re free to decorate how you like to suit your big day.

FlexibilityStretch tents are an incredibly versatile option for your wedding venue. All you need is a bit of space, whether that’s your back garden or a field. Stretch tents are modular to allow you to make truly tailor your stretch tent to your wedding day needs, both in size and interior layout. Would you like a separate reception area? A chill-out room? A separate bar area? No problem!

Suitable for all-weatherWhilst we can’t do much about the weather, we can ensure your stretch tent is adaptable for all weathers. Tentickle Stretch Tents tents are waterproof and can easily be heated during the chilly winter months with diesel generators to provide a cosy space for you and your guests to enjoy.

Have as many guests as you likeWithin reason! Stretch tents can usually hold many more guests than a traditional hotel or country club; stretch tents can be adapted to suit parties from 20 people up to 300 depending on the format of your big day. The modular design of stretch tents allows to easily add extra sections on or remove to cater to your number of guests.

Different designs to suit the style of your weddingMany people don’t realise the choice available when it comes to hiring a stretch tent. We offer a choice of three different styles which suit very different styles of wedding.

Buy High-Quality Stretch Tents Now

Once the decision is made to host your event in a tent it can be extremely stressful looking for somewhere to pitch a tent that is suitable for your number of guests. Most tents cannot be pitched anywhere and require soft ground or a large enough space for a tent structure.

Tentickle Stretch Tents has the perfect solution in the form of our versatile, chic and reasonably priced stretch tents. A Stretch Tent sometimes known as a Bedouin Stretch Tent is made of a special freeform fabric that can be pulled and stretched over any space. The structure of the tent is made up of pegs, ropes and poles that are placed and pegged strategically to fit your space. The fabric is then stretched over the poles and pegged in place to create a tent that makes your venue look elegant, laid back and atmospheric. This brings an air of romantic festivity to your event.

They are perfect for weddings, parties, corporate functions, fundraisers, exhibitions, private functions at home or any other outdoor event. Imagine your event under a beautiful stretch canopy while your guests walk over lush grass. They can sip cool drinks and snack on canapés on a balmy summer evening while they explore your garden. A perfect event! Add some candles and soft lighting and you are sure to create a wonderful atmosphere. Our Stretch Tents for sale in the UK are affordable and beautiful to look at and can be sent across Europe. They are also extremely versatile and adaptable in most spaces. Tentickle Stretch Tents uses the highest quality stretch tent fabric to manufacture all our tents including our Stretch Tents. This means that your tent can withstand all elements and is the perfect solution to an outdoor event in a difficult to cover spot.

Advantages of Stretch-Tents
    • All our stretch tents are UVA and UVB resistant – protecting your guests and the climate inside your tent from the heat of the sun.
    • The tent is 100% waterproof and will protect your guests from the rain.
    • The fabric is fire retardant.
    • Stretch tents are flexible and highly versatile. It is possible to set them up almost anywhere. Your layout and size are also more flexible with stretch tents as you are not hampered by a structured frame.
    • Stretch Tents are easy to assemble and erect. They also fold up easily and are very easy to transport. They are not as bulky as traditionally structured tents and therefore it is much more cost-effective to transport them.
    • These tents can be attached to existing structures such as a roof, the side of a building or a tree.
    • These tents can be branded with your logo. We also offer customized size and colour options.

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Here’s an article regarding FAQ’s when it comes to stretch tents. Yay, right!

What colour must I use?

The colour you may use will depend on several factors. It might be a matching colour with the theme of the décor or furniture that you are using, or matching with the building or sounding landscape elements, or simply your preferred colour.

It might also be a colour that corresponds to your brand or logo. Majority of people use white for weddings. Available colours usually include white, red, grey, silver or beige, which are the most popular. Besides those colours brown, black, green, orange, pink, and some mixed colours such as black & green or a vibrant pink & orange.

These colours are typically available in different sizes.

Can the weather influence in my event?

Weather is indeed one of the principal reasons why people buy stretch tents. They can create temporary spaces with a perfect atmosphere in order to provide comfort to your guests. Either if it is hot or cold outside, once you come inside the space of a stretch tent, you will instantly feel the comfort. Finest results can be achieved using gas heaters or fans under the stretch tent according to the season so that temperature can be controlled easier. Tents can host your event either during the day or at night.

Stretch tents are always a good wind barrier, the wind is a frequent reason why clients hire or buy tents, however, wind speeds must be taken into consideration when holding an event under a stretch tent; it is recommendable to put the stretch tent down for temporary structures when the wind exceeds 50Km/h.

Rain is the factor that raises the most concern among clients as it is perceived to potentially ruin your event or celebration, however, as most stretch tents for sale from Tentickle Stretch Tents are waterproof.

When will the stretch tent be set up and broken down?

This will be conveyed with you as per your convenience and the supplier’s schedule. Setup can be on the day of the event or even the day before. Tents are normally one of the first elements that need to be erected to allow the rest of the gear to be installed later. The same for the breakdown, it will be agreed with you and we will always try to accommodate to your possibilities.

Can I hire a stretch tent for several days?

Yes, stretch tents can typically be hired for multiple days upon payment of extra day’s fee that will be agreed with you during the quotation process.

How long does it take to set up or breakdown a tent?

Depending on the size of the tent, the conditions or facilities of the venue, the complexity of the setup and the weather, a tent set up can take from 1 to 4 hours max. A permanent structure can take a bit longer also depending on the scope of work needed. Breakdown process tent to be much faster, normally 1/3 of the time it took to setup.

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How many ways can you use a Stretch Tent?

Why a Stretch Tent might be ideal for your next outdoor space or event.

Stretch tents are the most versatile tent on the market, sculpting to fit your installation or outdoor space perfectly. Enables you to create stretch tent installations to cover a wide variety of locations and builds, from intimate home parties to corporate events and city rooftops.

Depending on your site and the purpose of your installation, Tentickle Stretch Tents can create a variety of effects using pole position, pole socks and lighting to create anything from traditional intimate closed tent structures to dramatic, open-sided, large capacity music venues. The options are endless.

Stretch Tents at Home

Are you planning a private event at home or need to add shelter at a private event venue? Stretch tents can work with the shape of your space flexing around trees, walls and existing garden features or can use them as anchor points for your canopy structure.


No matter how complicated the constraints of your private space, we welcome the challenge of fitting our stretch tents for your event. Tents can mould to fit between existing structures, fly over walls and even rig into the water to help create your luxury space.

Mississippi Rig 1 Urban_Rooftop_Gallery

If you are looking for a larger structure for a public event, stretch tents can be custom made with a modular linking system so that structures join easily to add capacity, cover your multi-level space or help provide a large impactful installation for your festival site.


Multilevel structures don’t have to be enclosed, the flexible nature of the stretch tent means that you can rig open-faced bars to provide shade in hot weather as easily as closed structures for warmth and shelter from the rain in the cold.

Urban Spaces

Large stretch tents may lend themselves to the open site or festival, but that doesn’t mean the versatile stretch tent can’t create a great atmosphere in an urban environment. Stretch tent installations are ideal for covering your city space in the colder months.

Last Day's of Shoreditch43


Are you thinking of creating a rooftop runway from the crowds and are in need of weatherproofing from the sun and rain? Tent design and build experts can advise on the type of build for your space to make sure that your installation can withstand wind and weather pressure.

Roofnic from above Urban_Rooftop_Gallery

Whatever your needs or dreams for your outdoor structure - stretch tents for sale are the way to go. Alternatively, you can also rent a stretch tent for once-off occasions!

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If you are a frequent stretch tent hiree, you will already be aware of the factors that come into play; how it works, and the price range you are looking for depending on the unique requirements.

If that’s not the case and you have no idea about stretch tent prices, then you will find this post very informative.
EVENT: What type of event are you going to hold? Is it a Corporate Event? A Wedding? Sport Event? Birthday or a simple Home Party? Whatever the occasion is you need to determine what venue you will be using and envision a specific spot on that venue to prepare the scene. What is also essential will be knowing how many guests you are planning to host and what will be the seating arrangement.
Depending on whether your visitors are going to be standing, seated around tables or cocktail tables, cinema style, lounge sets or any other, you can determine the space that you need to cover.
SIZE: Once you know the area that you will be utilizing you can measure it and determine the stretch tent size(s) you need. Bigger size stretch tents lead to higher prices, and small sizes will be cheaper. Always bear in mind that the comfort of your guests is key for the success of the event, so, choose the right size!
COLOUR: There are different colours that you can choose from. Common colours (beige, red, grey, green, black) are charged under the same rates. White though, will be a bit more pricy due to the additional dedicated effort required to keep it clean; as well as the glamour that they can add to your event.
Other very specific colours, where special orders to suppliers need to be placed, could also be more expensive.
SEASON: Any outdoor activity is influenced by the season and the most likely weather conditions. Therefore, the rates of hiring a stretch tent will also follow that flow, to help you make it happen. Planning an event in winter? No stress - you can hire and buy waterproof stretch tents from Tentickle Stretch Tents.
SETUP AND BREAKDOWN DAYS AND TIME: Labour costs need to be covered on the quote. Setup and breakdown over weekends, after hours or public holidays are payable at higher rates, although we always try to make provision to arrange this services during normal working hours and help you save on these additional costs.
DISTANCE: The location of the event will determine the delivery fee, taking into consideration that the tent needs to be transported to the venue and collected as well.

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Buying A Marquee For A Wedding

A Semi-Permanent Events Marquee

If you’ve been thinking of buying or hiring a semi permanent marquee for your wedding, or if you want to buy one as a long-term investment so that you can put on weddings at your venue, there are plenty of things to consider.

If it’s for your venue, you’ll be spending a substantial amount of money for a product that should last many years, so it’s important the company you choose to buy from is reputable and has long-term trading experience. You’ll need after purchase care, maintenance, and perhaps storage too – so a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ company would be a poor choice, even if it saves you a few pounds initially. Over time you’ll be sure to regret your decision.

If you’re hiring, it’s still important to use a company that’s been around and know what they’re doing.

Whether you’re hiring or buying you should expect speedy and efficient response times, courteous service, and plenty of help and advice.

Pay a visit

If you’re investing in a marquee to make your wedding extra memorable, or to make your business more profitable, you should always pay a visit to the company showroom to see how the business runs, and perhaps see the manufacturing process in action. Be wary of any business that won’t allow that – maybe they have something to hide.

Over this time, Tentickle Stretch Tents have become one of the UK’s leading marquee manufacturers, and have built a reputation for top quality products and exemplary customer service.

A quality marquee can make your big day extra special or increase your businesses ability to generate revenue.

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The Importance of Precision-manufactured Stretch Tent Fabric

Stretch Tent Fabric Manufacturers

Modern-day stretch tent was inspired by the lightweight, waterproof and temperature-controlled tents used by nomadic tribes in the early 1900’s, and enhanced through technological advancement in the 21st century.
An integral component of stretch tents’ technological advancement is, of course, the fabric. Stretch tent fabric is quite unique in the tenting world; firstly because it is double-layered: The first layer is a backer fabric, which gives the material its stretch characteristic, and the second is a polymer, which makes the fabric watertight.
The backer fabric is unique in its own right. Backer fabrics are knitted while the fabrics used for traditional canvas or PVC marquees are woven. It’s this knitted construction that allows the fabric to stretch, giving the structure its unparalleled strength and one-of-a-kind shape.
Waterproof Stretch Tent Fabric
The quality of the backer fabric is crucial to the lifespan of the structure. Tentickle Stretch Tents UK, one of the leading tent manufacturers, produce stretch tents globally.
Stretch Tent Fabric Knitting Machine
Reliabe tent manufacturers use circular knitting machines with different circumferences and knit density. Building our own machines meant we could choose the exact knit and fabric properties required for optimal durability and return on investment for our tent rental partners.
The amount of stretch in our fabric is carefully dialed in and maintained. The modulus of elasticity (how stretchy) is continually monitored and checked and we use this in our engineering calculations.

Stretch tents for weddings: The perfect event tent

After making their mark as the preferred choice for brides looking for a striking alternative to the standard draped white stretch marquees, stretch tents for weddings have grown to be regarded by the industry as the best tent for a wedding reception, especially in the UK.
The early 2000’s saw the rise of Moroccan-themed weddings, with stretch tents perfectly complementing the low tables and floor seating. Add lights with hues of amber, ample fairy lighting covering the edges of the tent and guide ropes, and the space effortlessly transforms into a Moroccan fairytale. It’s these themed weddings that uncovered the enormous potential of stretch tents.

Why stretch tents?

Fast-forward ten years and the demand for stretch tents is ever increasing. The majority of brides and bridegrooms want a wedding that is "different", "spectacular", and this is easily achieved with a stretch tent – either by choosing a unique colour as opposed to conventional white, or by the way in which they can be set up in different ways.
Stretch tents have the unique ability to compliment both a formal white-wedding as well as add a funky edge to less traditional receptions. Their sexy, curvy lines and natural affinity to light create the perfect ambiance for an after-party.

Stretch tents can be used in more that one area of the celebration:

  • Form floating backdrops at the ceremony that add to the atmosphere without blocking out vistas or gorgeous landscapes.
  • Shade the pre-drinks table from the sun with a smaller tent.
  • Create intimate lounge areas where guests can mingle away from the noise of the main party.
Suffice it to say that the constant demand for stretch tents by brides-to-be has lead to numerous wedding venues and hotels investing in their own stretch tents for sale from Tentickle Stretch Tents UK, enabling them to offer clients a complete package.