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If you are a frequent stretch tent hiree, you will already be aware of the factors that come into play; how it works, and the price range you are looking for depending on the unique requirements.

If that’s not the case and you have no idea about stretch tent prices, then you will find this post very informative.
EVENT: What type of event are you going to hold? Is it a Corporate Event? A Wedding? Sport Event? Birthday or a simple Home Party? Whatever the occasion is you need to determine what venue you will be using and envision a specific spot on that venue to prepare the scene. What is also essential will be knowing how many guests you are planning to host and what will be the seating arrangement.
Depending on whether your visitors are going to be standing, seated around tables or cocktail tables, cinema style, lounge sets or any other, you can determine the space that you need to cover.
SIZE: Once you know the area that you will be utilizing you can measure it and determine the stretch tent size(s) you need. Bigger size stretch tents lead to higher prices, and small sizes will be cheaper. Always bear in mind that the comfort of your guests is key for the success of the event, so, choose the right size!
COLOUR: There are different colours that you can choose from. Common colours (beige, red, grey, green, black) are charged under the same rates. White though, will be a bit more pricy due to the additional dedicated effort required to keep it clean; as well as the glamour that they can add to your event.
Other very specific colours, where special orders to suppliers need to be placed, could also be more expensive.
SEASON: Any outdoor activity is influenced by the season and the most likely weather conditions. Therefore, the rates of hiring a stretch tent will also follow that flow, to help you make it happen. Planning an event in winter? No stress - you can hire and buy waterproof stretch tents from Tentickle Stretch Tents.
SETUP AND BREAKDOWN DAYS AND TIME: Labour costs need to be covered on the quote. Setup and breakdown over weekends, after hours or public holidays are payable at higher rates, although we always try to make provision to arrange this services during normal working hours and help you save on these additional costs.
DISTANCE: The location of the event will determine the delivery fee, taking into consideration that the tent needs to be transported to the venue and collected as well.

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Buying A Marquee For A Wedding

A Semi-Permanent Events Marquee

If you’ve been thinking of buying or hiring a semi permanent marquee for your wedding, or if you want to buy one as a long-term investment so that you can put on weddings at your venue, there are plenty of things to consider.

If it’s for your venue, you’ll be spending a substantial amount of money for a product that should last many years, so it’s important the company you choose to buy from is reputable and has long-term trading experience. You’ll need after purchase care, maintenance, and perhaps storage too – so a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ company would be a poor choice, even if it saves you a few pounds initially. Over time you’ll be sure to regret your decision.

If you’re hiring, it’s still important to use a company that’s been around and know what they’re doing.

Whether you’re hiring or buying you should expect speedy and efficient response times, courteous service, and plenty of help and advice.

Pay a visit

If you’re investing in a marquee to make your wedding extra memorable, or to make your business more profitable, you should always pay a visit to the company showroom to see how the business runs, and perhaps see the manufacturing process in action. Be wary of any business that won’t allow that – maybe they have something to hide.

Over this time, Tentickle Stretch Tents have become one of the UK’s leading marquee manufacturers, and have built a reputation for top quality products and exemplary customer service.

A quality marquee can make your big day extra special or increase your businesses ability to generate revenue.

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The Importance of Precision-manufactured Stretch Tent Fabric

Stretch Tent Fabric Manufacturers

Modern-day stretch tent was inspired by the lightweight, waterproof and temperature-controlled tents used by nomadic tribes in the early 1900’s, and enhanced through technological advancement in the 21st century.
An integral component of stretch tents’ technological advancement is, of course, the fabric. Stretch tent fabric is quite unique in the tenting world; firstly because it is double-layered: The first layer is a backer fabric, which gives the material its stretch characteristic, and the second is a polymer, which makes the fabric watertight.
The backer fabric is unique in its own right. Backer fabrics are knitted while the fabrics used for traditional canvas or PVC marquees are woven. It’s this knitted construction that allows the fabric to stretch, giving the structure its unparalleled strength and one-of-a-kind shape.
Waterproof Stretch Tent Fabric
The quality of the backer fabric is crucial to the lifespan of the structure. Tentickle Stretch Tents UK, one of the leading tent manufacturers, produce stretch tents globally.
Stretch Tent Fabric Knitting Machine
Reliabe tent manufacturers use circular knitting machines with different circumferences and knit density. Building our own machines meant we could choose the exact knit and fabric properties required for optimal durability and return on investment for our tent rental partners.
The amount of stretch in our fabric is carefully dialed in and maintained. The modulus of elasticity (how stretchy) is continually monitored and checked and we use this in our engineering calculations.

Stretch tents for weddings: The perfect event tent

After making their mark as the preferred choice for brides looking for a striking alternative to the standard draped white stretch marquees, stretch tents for weddings have grown to be regarded by the industry as the best tent for a wedding reception, especially in the UK.
The early 2000’s saw the rise of Moroccan-themed weddings, with stretch tents perfectly complementing the low tables and floor seating. Add lights with hues of amber, ample fairy lighting covering the edges of the tent and guide ropes, and the space effortlessly transforms into a Moroccan fairytale. It’s these themed weddings that uncovered the enormous potential of stretch tents.

Why stretch tents?

Fast-forward ten years and the demand for stretch tents is ever increasing. The majority of brides and bridegrooms want a wedding that is "different", "spectacular", and this is easily achieved with a stretch tent – either by choosing a unique colour as opposed to conventional white, or by the way in which they can be set up in different ways.
Stretch tents have the unique ability to compliment both a formal white-wedding as well as add a funky edge to less traditional receptions. Their sexy, curvy lines and natural affinity to light create the perfect ambiance for an after-party.

Stretch tents can be used in more that one area of the celebration:

  • Form floating backdrops at the ceremony that add to the atmosphere without blocking out vistas or gorgeous landscapes.
  • Shade the pre-drinks table from the sun with a smaller tent.
  • Create intimate lounge areas where guests can mingle away from the noise of the main party.
Suffice it to say that the constant demand for stretch tents by brides-to-be has lead to numerous wedding venues and hotels investing in their own stretch tents for sale from Tentickle Stretch Tents UK, enabling them to offer clients a complete package.

Stretch Tents for Your Wedding

It’s time to start planning that special day! There is just so much to do! We know you have to organising the wedding party, finding the best shoes to go with the best dress, finding the flowers and the photographer to capture that special day. But with all weddings, we know that your guest list will be longer than you want it to be, or that your beautiful outdoor wedding will eventually have to go inside. We also know that the weather is not always accommodating. However, no matter the circumstances, the best solution is a stretch tent.
Your Special Day
We know that a wedding is probably the biggest compromise, because everyone wants to have a say, be it the menu, the music, the venue, the seating order, and no matter how hard you try, no wedding will ever be perfect, but that’s what makes it such a special day to remember. There are things that you don’t have to compromise on, thanks to stretch tent hire, Bristol. If you want to have a beautiful garden event from start to finish, you can. If you want a romantic cover sitting, get a stretch tent. If you have a pool at your wedding venue, covering it with a stretch tent and adding beautiful candles and flowers, which would make for a great photos.
Using the Stretch Tent to Your Advantage
A stretch tent might not seem like your ideal wedding day accessory, but it can be. It allows you to add extra space if you need it, or it creates s space that might not have been there. The interior sections come with the option to add a floor and a dance floor. There is plenty of rentable furniture that will be able to shape your day the way that you want it. It can be completely up to you, and so magical that you will have a few things less to compromise with everyone else.
Making Your Day, Yours
Your day is about celebrating your love with your partner, and the union of your families. The choices to make it a beautiful day with a beautiful backdrop are not as limited as they used to be. A stretch tent is the updated version of a marquee, which has so much more to offer. Stretch Tents for Hire from Tentickle International Stretch Tents is here to cater to any of your event needs, including your wedding day. Visit the website to see the accessories that you can use to make your day even better.


Finding the perfect wedding venue that matches a couple’s vision, style and needs while also staying within budget can be somewhat of a challenge. Indoor wedding venues are a popular choice among couples planning a wedding because they offer convenience and a higher level of comfort for guests. An indoor wedding venue can also completely dictate the look and feel of a wedding, limiting decor options and causing space constraints. That is why so many couples are opting for the freedom and flexibility that an outdoor wedding venue has to offer.


Depending on the time of year, an outdoor wedding venue can provide beautiful scenery while also adding versatility, allowing couples to add a personal touch while creating the wedding of their dreams. In many cases, outdoor weddings can also be less expensive than weddings that take place at an indoor venue. At Grimes Events & Party Tents, our event specialists work with couples to handle all rental logistics associated with a wedding.
Couples may find that with an indoor wedding venue they are usually limited to the design of a room. The majority of outdoor wedding venues come as a clean slate, giving couples the freedom make their vision become a reality. With an outdoor wedding venue, couples can personalize the look and feel of their outdoor wedding. If couples have an event tent rental, they have the ability to add lighting, drapery, chairs, tables, and even a dance floor.


Depending on the outdoor venue that is chosen and the time of year, the bridal party and guests can enjoy a beautiful, natural backdrop. Not to mental, the natural lighting that an outdoor venue provides will be great for pictures. Often, couples have the option of getting married at outdoor wedding venues like the beach and or a garden at a country club.


Indoor wedding venues can sometimes have space constraints. Unless you rent a large ballroom or another large indoor space, finding an ideal setup that will comfortably fit all of your guests can be an issue. With an outdoor wedding venue, open spaces give the illusion that you and your guests have plenty of room. During the ceremony, guests can enjoy the natural scenery and take in the fresh air. For the reception, stretch tents for sale or hire can be the perfect solution to providing a covered and comfortable space for guests, especially with unpredictable weather conditions.


One of the main concerns with an outdoor wedding venue is how unpredictable the weather can be. In South Florida, one minute it can be bright, sunny, clear skies and the next, there is a torrential downpour. Combining an outdoor wedding venue with an event tent rental can allow couples to have the best of both worlds. An event tent rental will provide guests with the comfort and protection of an indoor wedding venue while also not taking away from an outdoor wedding look and feel. Some wedding planners specialize in planning all of the logistical elements of a wedding. As event tent rental specialists, they offer a wide range of event tents like canopy tents and frame tents from Tentickle Stretch Tents that will protect against inclement wedding and bugs. Couples can also customize the look and feel of the decor of the stretch tents.

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Preparing for an Outdoor Event in Winter

Winter has arrived in full force, and for many, this is the time of year to get out into the crisp air. Hosting outdoor events in winter, whether they be for birthdays, weddings, social or corporate functions can be a memorable and magical affair if you adequately prepare for the cold; but when you don’t, what could have been a pleasant day outdoors, could turn into a miserably cold and uncomfortable one. So to help you prepare properly for your next outdoor event, here are some tips for doing it in the winter time, that will ensure that your event is enjoyed by all, even those who don’t deal well with the cold.

Heat Sources

You are going to need to make provisions for people to keep warm. Sure, your guests will likely show up in garb befitting of an outdoor winter event, but their attire will only do so much to keep them comfortable. To make the most out of a winter event, set up some sources of heat close to where people are expected to gather. Large gas heaters, or even better, bonfires are always a welcome addition to winter events.

Ground Cover

This is particularly important if your event is happening in the morning or evenings. The cold brings dew, and dew might look pretty, but it makes for a fairly uncomfortable and often messy event. Sourcing adequate ground cover where there will be lots of people, or where equipment is being used or food is being served, is an important consideration for you to make.

Timing is Everything

Late morning to early evening will be the best times for you to host an outdoor event in winter since those are the hours that get the most sun. If you’re lucky, the midday sun might even make things pleasant for your guests. Hosting outdoor winter events in the night-time can make things a little more challenging when keeping your guests comfortable.

The Sun is Still There

If you are hosting an event during the day, you still need to protect yourself and your guests from the harmful rays of the sun. Because of this, it is worth your while to invest in marquee hire or a stretch tent that covers a large area. That way your guests will have some respite from the midday sun; which is just as dangerous for people in the winter time as it is in the summer.

Contact Stretch Tents for Details

To find out more about hiring a marquee for an event, contact Tentickle International - they are excellent and has tent distributors across the globe.

Common Stretch Tent Rigging Mistakes Can Be Avoided With These Guidelines

A very important element of stretch tent hire and safety is design and rigging. When followed, the tips and best practices set out below will ensure a successful event.

Design guidelines

The sturdiness of a stretch tent’s design is proven either by use over time or by the calculation of a qualified structural engineer. With more complex structures (multiple tents joined together), designs may need to be independently checked by the engineer. As a minimum requirement, such calculations will typically include the maximum wind loading for which the structure is approved and the maximum imposed load permissible. These safety requirements apply to all stretch tent sizes.

Common stretch tent rigging mistakes

As a tent supplier to the international stretch tent market, Tentickle International has years of safety experience – a critical component of the service offering. Industry newcomers often tend to make the same rigging mistakes, so it should be a priority to check a rig’s safety as often as possible.
The main focus of such an assessment is rigging techniques. When a physical site inspection is not possible, send pictures of the setup to an experienced stretch tent hire company for advice and to ensure it is structurally safe and aesthetically correct.
Stretch tent rigging mistakes include:
  • Incorrect pegging and anchoring techniques
  • Incorrect pole positioning and angling
  • Insufficient safety straps

Pegging and anchoring techniques

Correctly angled 3m poles with pegs 3m away.
Anchorage techniques
  • The pull-out force that an anchorage stake can withstand depends on the type of soil, water penetration, and inclination and depth of the anchor.
  • Loose soil provides the least resistance and may require special anchors. In this situation, pull-out tests are required to verify the anchor’s resistance.
  • Where ground penetration is not possible, heavy ballast weights can be used to withstand uplift forces. The ballast weight requirement is often underestimated and can be several tons per anchor point, depending on the size of the structure.
  • Anchors should always be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s manual and be sufficient to resist the maximum uplift force expected.
  • Purpose-designed stakes with defined heads, used in conjunction with gang plates, are generally preferred since they do not need to project significantly above the surface. This provides superior anchorage as well as reducing the risk of tripping.
Pegs lifting out the surface
  • Site inspections should be thorough and include an assessment of the grounds prior to the event .
  • Riggers should ensure that they use the correct length pegs for the type of ground the tent is being erected on.
  • The pegs should be at least 25mmx1000mm in size, and 1 500mm if pegging into soft sand. If pegs are too easy to slam in then double or triple pegging should be considered.
  • Pegs should be hit in straight (no angle) and the full length of the peg should penetrate the ground.
  • All pegs should have covers with suitable padding so not to cause injury if tripped over.
Side-upright Poles
  • Every corner- and side-upright pole should be anchored. An absolute minimum for a side-upright pole is one stake that is at least 1 000mm long and 25mm in diameter, driven fully into the ground. Up to date requirements for the number of pegs required at every point depends on the size of the tent. This information can be requested from RHI.
  • Intermediate points on the stretch tent must also be anchored, even if uplift forces are countered at the main anchor points, as lateral movement can destabilise the structure and cause injury.
  • All side-upright poles should have the means to spread the load at the base to prevent sinking when erected on soft ground.
  • Stakes and ropes near exits or other walking routes should be fenced off or clearly marked to prevent people from walking into or tripping over them. The responsibility of erecting fencing and indicating designated walking routes and will normally lie with the event organiser, but the stretch tent contractor should ensure that the organiser is aware of these safety issues.
Insufficient tension in the tent
  • Riggers should ensure that pegs used at floating sides / entrances are the correct distance from the tent in order to achieve the desired lateral stretch in the body of the tent, as far too often the pegs are too close to the edge.
  • The correct distance to peg is the same distance as the height of the pole being used at that point.

Pole positioning and angling

Centre pole with staggered lengths.
Central poles falling over
  • A good test of pole length is if three strong men can lift a central pole off the ground, then it should be replaced with a longer pole, or moved to where it can’t be lifted.
  • If extreme weather is predicted, ensure appropriate base plates are used.
  • Local weather patterns and direction of prevailing winds should be considered when planning open sides and entrances, as gusting winds can cause the fabric to lift off the poles.
Water pooling
  • Central poles should be placed upright, no less than 4.5m and no more than 6m apart or away from another central pole or edge of the tent.
  • Correct pole lengths will create the ideal run-off with no flat areas. When more than one row of central poles is needed, ensure the lengths are staggered with the longest poles placed in the centre of the tent.
Insufficient tension in the tent
  • Side poles that are positioned too upright will prevent ideal lateral tensioning in the body of the tent. Side poles should be hit in at a 15° angle once the ropes are tensioned.
  • A useful tip is to mark the point on the ground before lifting the edge of the tent, as this is the point where the base of the side pole should be positioned.

Insufficient safety straps

Tent under correct tension.
  • It is imperative that safety straps are use with medium- to large-sized tents, especially where more than one central pole is being used.
  • Safety straps should be placed in the "valley" between each row of central poles. The number of stakes required for the storm bolts over different sized tents do vary.
  • Where the tents join where linked together is an excellent opportunity to use a safety strap by passing the strap through the carabiners that link the tents together.

8 Magnificent Marquee Wedding Venues in Ireland

If there’s one thing we love, it’s weddings under in beautiful locations, under the most gorgeous stretch tents Irelandhas to offer. Stretch tents are the perfect wedding venue for couples looking for a blank canvas on which to paint the picture of their personality as a couple for their big day. What’s more is that it can be great fun coming up with different colour schemes and alternative styles to make your beautiful big white space come alive. Unique marquee venues are popping up all over the country as contemporary couples choose to mix and match their personal style with all the comforts of a chic country house or manor, and we’ve chosen these as our top eight venues.
The Millhouse, Slane
Those in search for a romantic garden setting for their wedding celebrations needn’t look much further than The Millhouse in Slane, County Meath. The Millhouse is renowned amongst ‘alternative’ wedding fans, who value a subtle and serene setting in which to create an event that is always one-of-a-kind. Bespoke weddings are what The Millhouse is all about, and their enthusiastic, talented and dedicated directory of suppliers work hard to tailor weddings entirely to the bride and groom. The Grand Pavillion on the front lawn of The Millhouse is the setting of choice for most couples looking for a magical, laid back area to make their own, and can hold up to 300 guests.
Hotel Doolin, Clare
Specially tailored marquee weddings at Hotel Doolin in Clare are always a delight. Couples are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild when it comes to making the space their own, but if they’re lacking inspiration of course the dedicated team at Hotel Doolin is on hand to give their advice. Hotel Doolin itself is a beautiful space for entertaining guests before they make their way out to the beautifully manicured lawn and into the magical marquee, and while guests are enjoying the sunshine and cocktails, you can head off with your photographer and grab some of the most incredible photos from the stunning scenery that surrounds.
The Marquee at Mount Juliet, Kilkenny
Mount Juliet Estate, set next to the historic Kilkenny city, is one of the oldest surviving walled estates in Europe. Its outstanding beauty and privacy make it one of Europe’s most exclusive and romantic wedding venues. The backdrop of the beautiful country estate makes for an idyllic location for your wedding photos. Marquee Weddings at Mount Juliet can cater for up to 240 wedding guests. The marquee is located in the clubhouse area of the hotel, in a central courtyard area. For marquee weddings the drinks reception is held in Mount Juliet House with the full reception taking place in the marquee, only a few moments walk away. This gives couples the opportunity to experience the joys of both a beautiful Georgian Manor House and a contemporary marquee venue. The marquee can also be located beside Mount Juliet house overlooking the River Nore*.
Clonabreany House
The spectacular Clonabreany Estate set in the gateway to Boyne Valley consists of two restored Georgian Houses and is a true hidden oasis in the heart of Co. Meath. Wedding banquets are held in the adjoining marquee, which is full of character and style, while the private courtyard on the estate is a real treat for guests. Ten beautifully finished self-catering houses and sweet old-country feel private sibin ensure that the party can continue into the night with traditional music and great banter.
Kippure Estate, Blessington, Co. Wicklow
Kippure Estate is undeniably one of Ireland’s more unusual venues, and has been home to some of the most interesting and eclectic weddings we’ve seen this side of the sea. The romantic Estate is privately set on 240 acres of secret valleys and ancient woodlands, hugged by purple heather soaked granite mountains and shaped by the meandering River Liffey – a more than ideal backdrop for some hauntingly beautiful wedding photos. A grand marquee can be set up for large weddings, and is perfect for couples who want to put their own stamp on their day. Kippure is a unique, tranquil and exquisite setting, ideal setting for couples who wish to plan a personal and memorable celebration.
Ballybeg House
"A bohemian style wedding in an idyllic location in a relaxed and cosy atmosphere" so goes the adage of one of Wicklow’s most romantic exclusive wedding venues. At Ballybeg there is the opportunity to take your vows in an outdoor ceremony with the spectacular and serene gardens and grounds as your backdrop. Personalise the entire estate as much as your heart desires to create your own unique and personal setting. Guests will adore the venue’s quirky Victorian style marquee, which has played host to over 200 weddings in the last five years, each with their own unique vibe. Ballybeg is different to any other wedding venue and the team prides themselves on knowing that everyone who comes to Ballybeg for weddings leaves "happy, contented and suitably replenished in both mind and body!"
Bellinter House, Meath
Standing majestically on the banks of the River Boyne in the rolling landscape of County Meath, Bellinter House exudes period glamour and a unique contemporary style to ensure it meets the mark for a ‘wedding venue with a difference’. Bellinter offers exclusive use of the house and grounds for weddings, to ensure yours is a private, relaxed and informal celebration. An outdoor ceremony under the majestic trees that surround the historic manor house is a must, as is a luxury drinks reception in the colourful and contemporary confines of the house itself, before personalities shine through in the venues beautiful and bespoke marquee. The Bellinter Marquee can cater for up to 200 wedding guests and the house includes 35 guestrooms.
Jacks’ Coastguard Restaurant
Jacks’ Coastguard Restaurant, with its panoramic views across to Rossbeigh Beach and Inch Peninsula in Co. Kerry, is truly a unique wedding venue. Jacks combines impeccable service and superior food with its breathtaking surroundings to create a wedding celebration that’s guaranteed to impress even the most discerning of brides and grooms. The restaurant can in fact cater for up to 130 guests but if you’re throwing a larger celebration, the team can arrange a high quality marquee to fit seamlessly in with the timeless, elegant décor of the entire venue.
If you’ve already found your perfect venue and you’re looking for a great stretch tent for hire in Ireland- Tentickle International will have you covered.

Outdoor Stretch PVC Coated Vinyl

Premium PVC coated stretch fabric is designed for outdoor stretch tents. Neucoat is the developer and designer of this unique product with the following properties:
  • A premium PVC formulation suitable for outdoor exposure.
  • Completely waterproof.
  • Fire Retardancy complying with international Standards.
  • Water repellent base fabric.
  • Excellent adhesion between the PVC coating and the base fabric preventing delimitation under stress.
  • Excellent weldability.
  • Proprietary inhouse manufactured base fabric enables consistent control and repeatability of the tensile and burst resistance.
The PVC formulation to achieve the following attributes:
  • Durable quality with a long expected lifespan.
  • Stretch ability that matches the stretch properties of the basecloth.
  • Clean ability
This product is the next generation in fabric for stretch tents, its benefits over the laminated 2 ply and 3 ply products are as follows:
  • More cost effective
  • Water proof for longer periods
  • Expected life span
  • Excellent adhesion
The stretch tent fabric, like those used by Tentickle Stretch Tents, is customisable in one or more of the following ways:
  • Change the colour of the backing fabric by using different coloured yarns the knitting process.
  • Change the colour of the top PVC surface by using a different colour pigment in our PVC formulation.